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With Moskenes Camping as a starting point, you can experience Flakstad and Moskenes up close. A number of museums and activities allow you to fill every day of your stay with healthy and interesting experiences.

Stockfish meuseum in Å

The museum gives you the stockfish's history through exhibitions and film screenings. You can also get guidance in several languages.

Norwegian Telecom Museum

Why did Lofoten become so important til Norwegian and European history of the telegraph? Find out how the German Emperor, at the beginning of the 1900s, played an important role in the development of one of Europe's first wireless telegraphs.

Dagmars doll museum

In Dagmars museum there are hundreds of dolls from all eras. Large rooms with dolls, dolls clothing, dolls furniture and other accessories.

Organized fishing trips

What could be more exciting than going out to sea, dropping the hook, and pull up a large and tasteful fish that you can prepare straight away? Nothing! It doesn't get any better than this.

The blacksmith in Sund

In the smithy, in Sund you can watch the blacksmith produce the famous King Cormorant and other sculptures. Sculptures from the blacksmith in Sund are all over the world, and many European royal families have art from this little forge in Flakstad.

The glassblower's cabin in Vikten

Four kilometers from the crossroad at Vareid you will find crafts of recycled glass of various colors and mixed with quartz from the Lofoten mountains.

Trips to the villages of Reinefjord

Lofoten consists of far fewer districts than there were just a houndred years ago. Inside Reinefjord are several examples of how the modern era has obtained the Lofoten Islands, and that not all villages have survived. The villages are still very much alive in the summertime, and these are frequently visited.

Hiking the trails

Lofoten's magnificent mountains lure many out on tour, and here in the west you will find a variety of marked trails. By following these trails can get you a ride you'll remember for the rest of your life.